Online certificate issuance and verification process

What is E-certificate?

The E-certificate is a new concept to issue certificate to qualified candidates

How could any candidate get her/his E-certificate?

Fast delivery is one of specialty of the E-certificate. There are two ways to deliver the E-certificate to a qualified candidate – a) through email or b) through log-in area on institution’s website or portal.

Is it secure?

E-certificate is secured document as it is embedded with latest available technologies and management tools. For each institution, it contains unique E-certificate number, Photo of concerned qualified candidate, online verification system.

How can employee or concern authority of other institution find out the genuineness of any e-Certificate?

Verification of E-certificate is very simple process and safe. There is two ways to get verified the E-certificate:

  • the employer can get reply containing information about genuine/non-genuine through website by Online Reply System which may be mentored by dealing authority concerned institution.
  • The employer can get reply instantly by using her/his smart phone or QR bar code scanner.

The system is a good solution to minimise the limitation of paper based certificate’s verification as this is fast and safe. No need to transfer/post the original document to avoid the possibility of theft.

Has any institute adopted this E-certificate yet for their qualified candidates?

Yes, some of the esteemed institutions of India have already been started to issue the E-certificate to their qualified candidates from past few year.

Minister for Human

The Union Minister for Human Resource Development and Communications and Information Technology, Shri Kapil Sibal launching the 1st E-Certificate of NET, in New Delhi on March 03, 2011. NEWS Source: pib.nic.in. Picture Source: pibphoto.nic.in.

Sample E-Certificate (Print)