The E-Degree is a concept to convert current degree printing and distribution system in fast and cost effective electronic mode for the betterment of qualified students.

University Grants Commission has been taken the initiative to issue E-certificate to the qualified UGC NET candidates by UGC NET Bureau since June 2010. In same manner, universities can issue degrees in E-mode.

It is very cost-effective solution as most of its processes like generation to e-degree, sending to qualified/eligible candidates etc. are automatic which decrease the number of hours of HR’s. Through this automatic process, the university can provide the authenticity of the degree in faster manner by verifying of genuineness of the candidate to the employers/institutions.

As of now, the NET Bureau has issued and sent e-certificates to 20,000+ qualified candidates for its past 3 exams. Latest technologies are making the process smarter. Now employers / organizations may get verification result of the candidates instantly by using smart phones, which leads.

A few silent features of an e-degree as compared to a paper degree:

  • E-degree is very fast to generate
  • No longer have to wait for several weeks or months for the certificate to be mailed
  • E-degree is a convenient and easy way to receive the certificate
  • After receiving it the candidate can print it immediately or resend it through email to their potential employers/institutions
  • The candidate can print as many copies of the e-degree as it may be required for presentation purposes
  • E-Degree is a soft file which does not require paper, for its production. In other words it saves paper consumption and in other word saves trees.