RFID based Auto Attendance System - RAAS

RFID based attendance system is an automatic attendance system which consists of a micro controller, RFID reader, RFID tag and a data base as its primary components.

RFID tag serves as unique identification card for each student.

RAAS is available with two option:

  • with Reader by which a student touch her/his identification card in the proximity of RFID reader
  • with touch-free operations (RAAS) by which a student has to only wear her/his card and walk to the designed pathway.

Through any option, the system detects best possible unique ID.s of students and match with server to identify the student/person

RAAS send can presence data to SMS gateway to deliver SMS.s to parents about their student presence or absence. This data can be used for various objectives like, to record and maintain the attendance of the student/teaching/no-teaching staff in class/school

How does RAAS work? (see video)

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