Online Software for School Operations (OSSO)

Online software for school operations (OSSO) is a specialized solution for Educational Institutions resulting in better management and enabling institutions with better decision making capabilities. with excellent domain and technical expertise, OSSO has been developed by working closely with premium institutions and domain experts in the education sector. OSSO has evolved as the most preferred software for educational institutions. OSSO is our ingenious effort to streamline your Institution’s process starting from admissions management to placement cell management, we have an answer to all your problems. A range of modules of our software would facilitate you to manage your institution successfully. OSSO helps in controlling the working and functionality of your institution. It also strengthens the bond between students, teachers, parents, management and the administration staff of your institution. The open ended and scalable architecture enables our software to be customised according to your unique requirements. Concisely, OSSO is a comprehensive and an extremely user friendly solution with Web 2.0 interface and mobile enabled software.

The basic challenges for an Institution

The basic challenge of an institution is to centralize, track, and resolve student issues, manage the various operations and information in a flawless manner and deliver quality result oriented education. On a day to day basis, following are the basic problems faced by the institution:

  • Operation is centered in administrative offices
  • Procedures are heavily bureaucratic
  • Information is out of date
  • Information is inconsistent and replicated
  • Functionality is scattered through organizational units

The system is a good solution to minimise the limitation of paper based certificate’s verification as this is fast and safe. No need to transfer/post the original document to avoid the possibility of theft.

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  • Online Application for Registration
  • Automated admission selection process
  • Online CCE Report Card generation
  • Web-based and SMS enabled system to communicate home work
  • Important information through SMS to parents
  • Circular and notices
  • Simplified fee collection process
  • Fully automated attendance of students and staff
  • Web-based communication system for Parents-Teachers-Principal
  • HR Management
  • Photo Gallery
  • Year Planner
  • Hassle free and easy transition process on beginning of the new session